A Group for Women Small-Business Entrepreneurs who are ready to give and grow with powerful, like-minded peers.

We're stronger together!

Successful - Impactful - Healthy - Wise

Are you asking yourself?

How do I attract the right customers?
How can I better manage the customers I already have?
Should I bring on a partner?
How can I work less and earn more?
How should I prioritize my time?
Am I even in the right business?
Well hey there!  Stop talking to yourself! 
Being an entrepreneur is high-risk / high-reward, and it can be isolating....unless you have a powerhouse group of women peers who share your challenges and your aspirations and who've got your back. Yes really.
You will leave every ATHENA meeting inspired, energized and clear about your priorities, opportunities, and essential next steps. And you'll have a group of brilliant friends who share your challenges and are invested in your results.
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