Female Owned Sex Toy Company Disrupts SexTech

Listen to Polly Rodriquez explain why and how women are disrupting SexTech. Hint: Trump.

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Female Owned Sex Toy Company Disrupts SexTech


The bunny vibrator is so last decade. Polly Rodriquez' Unbound sex toy company puts pleasure in the hands of women. And there's more...she launched a campaign that sent 375 vibrators to Mitch McConnell!! For real!

I'm guessing you're all geared up for your best year ever. I know I am.

I had a small but mighty epiphany at the end of last year that is my North Start for 2020. One Wednesday afternoon in early December I found myself glowing as I thought about my work and my clients. I LOVE every one of the amazing, inspiring, creative, opinionated, smart, risk-taking, tenacious founders and CEOs I get to work with. If you are my client, THANK YOU for being you!

I asked myself this question..."What is it about my clients that makes me enjoy them so much?" I realized that while the folks I work with are each one-of-a-kind, there is a strong common thread that ties us together. That thread is that we are all deeply values-based leaders. We care about the impact that a company can have on employees, customers and community. And for that reason, we lead with our values on our sleeves.

Openly values-based people tend to lead audacious, values-based companies. There is a huge business benefit to this. Nothing attracts like-minded employees, partners and customers faster and with greater stickiness than living your personal beliefs loudly through your company brand.

Sound risky? It is. Provocative? Yes. Alienating to some? Definitely. Deeply, personally satisfying? Profoundly so.

I'll be doing many things this year (a workshop, products, articles and more) to dig deeper and share insights, information and practical approaches in the realm of values-based business. And you'll be seeing more articles on this subject in the weekly C-SuiteSkimm. Subscribe now so you don't miss out!

So here we go! Vacation is officially over. Let the work and the fun begin.

May 2020 be your best year ever!


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