Tesla posts record deliveries for Q2. But...Top Tesla Execs are Leaving the Company

blog Jul 07, 2019

Tesla posts record deliveries for Q2 A defining moment? Maybe. But...Top Tesla Execs are Leaving the Company

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Who leaves a company just as the business is about to turn the corner? These people just did. Is Tesla's turn-around too late? 

I consider buying a car an investment in a depreciating pile of metal. Therefore, my strategy is to buy and hold a Honda. Three Hondas over three decades: two Accords and a Civic Hybrid now 13 years old. Bought them all with cash. Done.

Then came Elon Musk, Tesla, and the Model 3. I was captivated. I wanted one. A red one. I dreamt about it. I went to the dealer in Marin and drove it. Oh! Oh! Oh! I did the numbers and in a moment of complete amnesia about the depreciating pile of metal, I thought, "I can afford it!". The ultra cool young saleswoman grinned as I handed over my credit card for the deposit. Then it dawned on me..."I don't have anywhere to plug it in. We have street parking. I don't have a garage." Time slowed down. Her grin hung in. I held onto the card. Like Fagan in the iconic film Oliver Twist, I heard my brain say "I think I'd better think it out again". I did not buy the shiny red Model 3. Likely a good thing as this particular depreciating pile of metal is also produced by a depreciating team of people. Record Q2 deliveries aside, the latest news under Tesla's hood doesn't bode well.


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