Beautiful Email Communication, Steve Jobs Knew How, Do You?

blog Jan 28, 2018


Know, Watch, Ponder

"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."

Not Winston Churchill 


Light: "Did you see my email ...?"

Some of us are sloppy on email. This matters why? Because, as the company's chief leader, how you communicate represents "how we do things around here." If your words are too few or too many, your tone is wrong, or your grammar is poor, then the receiver will be confused, guess at your intent and make judgments about you and the company.

Lighten up you say! OK! OK! In an amusing twist, Inc. Magazine says Steve Jobs, tech icon of bad behavior, was the poster child for beautiful email communication. Hold the laughter.

It seems even Jobs could manage to get it right when he wanted to.

Steve Jobs Knew How to Write an Email: Here's How He Did It

What's Inside!

Here's the skinny ... but you really need to read, Jobs' words:

  1. Use their name.
  2. Spend the time to be clear and organized.
  3. Be real.
  4. Grammar and punctuation matter.
  5. Signal trust.
  6. Sign off well.



CEO Sallie Krawcheck's Dark Start

Sallie Krawcheck was just a girl wearing a bow when she arrived at her first job at Solomon Brothers to a daily deposit of porn-on-desk.

Krawcheck's Pedigree: current CEO/Co-founder of Ellevest, past CEO at Citi Wealth Management, CEO at Merrill Lynch, and CFO at Citi Financial Services.



Very Dark: Robert X. Cringely has a POV including big numbers on Trump's Tax Deal.

Prediction: The 2018 Foreign Profit Repatriation will be a $591 Billion Taxpayer Ripoff

Cringely: It's way better for companies that off-shored operations and profits than even they anticipated ,with a likely way worse boomerang cost to tax payers.

Scroll down to the blog comments: Cringely you're wrong!

Time will tell.


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