Bring Marie Kondo's Principles to Work

blog May 05, 2019

Marie Kondo / WD-40. WD-40 / Marie Kondo...The connection isn't leaping out at you?

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 Let's try a definition of terms:

Marie Kondo: The tiniest, quirkiest, on-trendiest brand for going from hot mess to mighty tidy.

WD-40: Dad's everything lube.

Perhaps you guessed that both are needed in a junk-filled garage? Close, but no.

And I'm not telling >:)

C'mon, you know you like a challenge. Read and Compare.

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Bring Marie Kondo's Principles to Work

Does Marie Kondo annoy you? She bugs the heck out of traditional organizers. But here's the thing...Marie Kondo is not a professional organizer. She's a happiness guru tucked in a shinto box with a net worth of $8M, a #1 NY Times best selling book, a Netflix Show, a consulting company, and 157K Twitter followers.

Here's what's brilliant about her brand:

  • She lives it. She's all in.
  • She's unexpected as in 4'7" tall, soft spoken and speaks English through an interpreter
  • She speaks to the heart a.k.a. "Spark Joy!"
  • Her process is elegant - just five steps.
  • Her promise is forever - as in "tidy once-and-for-all" is the opposite of the bad-penny consultant.

How does your brand compare?

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