Leadership Salon

People With Ideas That Work

Greg Geronemus Rina Vernovskaya

Two New CEOs Open Up

June 18th

Greg Geronemous, CEO Smartours, and Rina Vernovskaya, CEO 280 Group, open up about what they've learned, wish they'd know,n and were surprised to discover as first time business operators.

Miyoko Schinner's Vegan Dairy

Profit with Purpose

April 25th

Miyoko's compassion for animals drives phenomenal business results. Values-Based Business is more than the next big thing. It's the unique differentiator taking today's most successful companies from good to great.

Vanessa Bergmark and Nav Athwal

Real Estate's Big Shift

October 2018

Big change is transforming how we buy, sell and manage property. From online individual investments to lifetime home services, these two innovators are leading the future of real estate.

Stacy Parson and Sindri Anderson

Diversity - Equity - Inclusion

April 2018

Workplace equality is the right thing to do. And it is front-of-mind for businesses, governments, regulators, society, and most importantly,  your customers and your people.

Minh Tsai and Scott Kucirek

CEO Success Tactics

March 2018

Two of the Bay Area's most successful and charismatic Food and Beverage CEOs share industry perspectives, successes and failures, and their secret sauce for running great companies.

Sam Christensen Celebrity Coach

Brand You

February 2018

As a CEO or C-Suite leader, you are the company brand. Sam Christensen, coach to celebrities and CEOs, connects you with your most under-utilized asset...The power of YOU.

Charles Vogl - Author

The Art of Community

January 2018

Award winning author, Charles Vogl, shares  how to create community and a sense of belonging for your employees and customers. Presentation, dialogue and book signing.



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