Is it time to help your managers become great team leaders?

Helping your managers successfully lead, organize and direct their teams is the most beneficial thing you can do for your business and for your career.

After 17 years helping leaders in some of the world’s most successful companies, I’ve documented what really works and how to do it.
Here’s what to think,say and do to grow your managers into great team leaders in months not years:

“Barbara truly inspires and motivates people. Her world class program drove a multitude of process, people and technology changes for our business.” Senior Director, Applied Materials

“Barbara’s change leadership approach gains credibility with senior executives. Fast, smart and effective was what we needed and that’s exactly what we got.” Senior Director, Amdocs

“Barbara was critical to our success in helping is mitigate risk on our global product data standardization project.”  Senior Director, FEI

Mine the Gold in Your Under-Performer

Ugh. Your employee just doesn’t get it. I mean she doesn’t get what you need her to do, by when and in what format. You KNOW she’s capable of better. You’ve clearly explained her role, you’ve told her what you need, how you want it done and when you need...Read More »

How to Get Them to LOVE Your Project

“We are a war not a team. New York, Austin, Tulsa and Prague, we are each separate armies fighting to the death. We each want what we want with no regard for the business as a whole.”

This is a real quote taken from my initial interviews with a new client....Read More »

Is SIZE Killing Your Business? How great big companies work small, fast and fun...

Growth is great, but size can kill you.

Bigger is no longer better. Bigger used to be better but now, well, bigger is just bigger. Big companies are harder to manage, slower, more impersonal, less innovative and a lot less fun.

If your organization is bigger than a breadbox, don’t despair. There’s...Read More »

Drive Your Project Ferrari Fast - Step on this and zooooom!

Have you noticed that trying to speed up change usually doesn’t work? But sometimes it does. Why is that?

Too many not-agile-anymore projects end up falling off the fast track. But here’s the thing….YOU CAN DO CHANGE MANAGEMENT FAST!  You just have to understand the physics of speed.

If you try to...Read More »

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