Being a CEO can feel like a solitary experience. But that doesn't mean you have to go it alone. I'm Barbara Shannon and I've coached and guided dozens of successful CEO's to grow revenue, increase margin, attract top talent and scale their business.

If you're ready for a great business partnership, please be in touch. 

"When it's time to sell, either you have what the market wants or you don't. Either you go quickly at an attractive price or you struggle. A good company can be sold in a bad market and a poorly positioned company will struggle even in a good market. The companies that are talking to Barbara are fighting the right battle."

Peter Morgan
Managing Partner - The Spartan Group Investment Banking

"I am accomplishing so much since we started working together. I want to reposition my business and I am finally taking the steps to do that. Every time we meet I’m another step towards my goal. Barbara's broad business experience is tremendously valuable. She's way more helpful than an industry coach. "

Cathy Curtis
CEO - Curtis Financial

"Working with Barbara helped me design and deliver a major agency wide campaign that is already yielding results for our business."

Emily Borders
Principal - High Wire PR

"I met Barbara in 2012 when my firm was growing painfully to the next level. Barbara coached me into making smart decisions that worked. Together we designed a success program for the company that we still follow today. She kept me on task, on time, and enthused over all the success. Together we kept IPSOFACTO on a strong growth path. I have recommended her to other CEO's who have ALL embraced her as our coach. She's our secret weapon, our source of strength and our inspiration. Meet Barbara and let the magic begin! "

Steve Boullianne

"Barbara is my sounding board, my sanity source when things get hectic. She's a wealth of business knowledge, and most of all a partner in leading my team. I'm a pretty controlling individual so for me to consider Barbara a partner indicates a very high level of trust in her ability. I can honestly say that given the challenges we've faced this year, we would not have achieved the success we've had without her."

Michael K. Hollahan
Lockheed Martin - Commercial Space Systems

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