Join me as I interview the most inspirational and successful, purpose-driven CEO leaders about why and how they do what they do.

Lean in, listen up and learn how to run a better, more impactful business! 

What dreams, hopes, and fears reside in the hearts of today's purpose-positive CEO leaders?

What do highly successful entrepreneurs really do? How do they think? What do they focus on?

What do they know that could benefit you?

The CEO role is one of the most mysterious positions in business and a purpose-driven CEO is a different breed entirely.

As a CEO coach to purpose-driven companies, I have a unique vantage point into this world. For years I've wished I could share the stories, the risky calls, the big wins and the huge courage of these extraordinary leaders. 

I wanted a way to share their smarts, their humor and their grit and this is the inspiration for The Good Company Podcast.

In addition to unpacking the craziness that goes on inside business generally, my guests share what drives their mission and their strategies for managing the challenges and opportunities that arise at that unique junction where profit meets purpose.

Take your seat beside me and my CEO guests. 

You are in Good Company!

Hot topics on The Good Company: 
  • Bryan Janeczko, CEO of Loeb NYC, zeros in on exactly why mindset is the single most important attribute of an entrepreneur.
  • Minh Tsai, CEO of Hodo Soy, shares how his childhood journey from Vietnam shaped his drive and the culture of his company.
  • Van Ton-Quinlivan, CEO of Futuro Health, explains how she invented a unique public/private partnership to lure top diverse talent to her company.
  • Miyoko Schinner, CEO of MIyoko's Creamery reveals why an Innovation Credo is her company's critical success factor.
  • Jim Dickie, Managing Partner at Sales Mastery dives into how to use AI to drive a successful sales process.
  • Rachel Sheppard exposes the cost of the tech gender gap and the commitment that's needed to fix it.
  • Nancy Vitale, CEO of Partners for Well Being and past CHRO at Genentech explains how to Implement the four pillars of well-being.