Today we are joined by Rachel Sheppard. Rachel is a digital strategist and startup mentor. She is the Director of Global Marketing at Founder Institute the co-creator and builder of the Female Founder Initiative, a community committed to helping women around the world start and launch their businesses.

This episode is full of Rachel’s incisive insights, and moments that will have you joining us with a resounding “YES” from your chair.

We’re glad you’re here, and you’ll be glad you tuned in. You are in Good Company!  


Rachel Sheppard Quotable

“It has been proven time, and time again...if you can give women more rights and more social equity, and equity in general... you will profit from that economically. Everybody will. In the United States, we make 80% of the purchasing decisions. So, if we don’t have the money to spend, guess what? The economy is going to start slowing down. So, by putting more money in women’s hands you can do a lot. It benefits everyone, even if you don’t feel altruistically that this is important. It does matter to you, because it matters to everyone.”

Brilliant! We agree, Rachel. We agree.

So, get comfortable and join us. This episode will make you think!

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Highlights from The Episode:

  • Rachels tells us about why the Female Founder Initiative is so important- 1:29
  • Rachel explains why we need gender parity in the workplace- 3:54
  • We explore how women founders compare to their male counterparts - 6:47
  • Barbara shares a story about a friend’s experience with Me Too - 13:38
  • Rachel discusses using empathy to support others who are different from you - 15:11
  • Rachel talks about the grit and community of female founders - 19:08

“If women want to run a founder institute program somewhere around the world that we aren't already running or even join a team that's in existence, we're here to reach you with our virtual program. We're here to help any founder who wants help.”

“We need to consider everybody's thought process and how we go about building a future. Otherwise, it will be a future built for one type of person.”

“We believe on a much higher scale that if you're able to create more gender equity at the founder's stage, that will play into all the different pieces of a startup ecosystem.”