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As a coach, I get to partner with amazing individuals in pursuit of their dreams. Their successes are the rocks my business is built on. 

The art of creating is an engrossing and enthralling experience and I am their partner on this journey.

I love the courage and creativity of entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to accelerate your business and elevate your life?

Join me in a shared commitment to the integrity and fulfillment of your efforts. I am your sounding board for decisions, struggles, ideas, dilemmas, excitement, frustrations and celebrations!

I bring a relentless commitment to your well-being and to your personal and professional success.

Benefit from my years of expertise in strategic decision-making, leadership development, people management, processes and systems to help you climb your business mountain more quickly.

I'm simply not like any other coach out there - the level of business acumen that I combine with decades of coaching skill plus intuition and creativity is unmatched in any other business coach. 

This is not just coaching -
this is me, and my deep business experience and coaching expertise, and you, with your vision and unique capabilities, working together to achieve your dream.

Do you ever wonder how other CEOs manage their time, their decisions and the relentless pressure of this crazy job?

Who do you typically talk to about your business?

Do you go to your board with all your personel challenges?

Do you talk with your team about "make versus buy" decisions? Do you discuss your deepest fears with your spouse?

What if there was someone who was not directly associated with your company, who had the skill and experience to help you think through your decisions?

What if there was someone who could help you be the leader you aspire to be?

What if this was also someone you genuinely enjoyed spending time with?

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Work with me one-on-one to propel you and your business to a whole new level of performance.

This is your opportunity to receive the highest-level customized coaching experience available only to CEOs.

Gain the expertise, acumen and leadership tools you need to take your organization to a whole new level of profits and performance. Only available for select clients.

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Athena: A Group for Women Business Owners

Grow your brand and your business in harmony with your life. Make more. Work less. Bring the joy.

Can you imagine your business operating at a whole new level of success? If you believe you have unlocked potential the ATHENA experience is your fast track to make it happen. Simply the best business training you've ever experienced using a format designed for smart, busy women with big dreams.

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Leadership Development For Your C-Suite Team

Level up your leadership team.

You need your team to be pro-active innovators who lead and drive the goals, culture and values of your organization. The world’s most successful CEOs build a highly productive, collaborative culture that attracts top talent and creates top value for customers and clients. It's not magic. It's a step-by-step process customized to you, your people and your business. 

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