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Featured Programs

1:1 Coaching For Today's CEO

Work with me and get coaching that takes you and your business to a whole new level of performance.

This is your opportunity to receive the highest-level customized coaching experience available to CEOs. Gain the expertise, acumen and leadership tools you need to take your organization to a whole new level of profits and performance. Spots are limited. 

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Leadership Development For Your C-Suite Team

Create the dream team capable of taking your business to the next level.

You need them to be pro-active innovators. You need them to be in sync with the goals and values of your culture and your customers. The world’s most successful CEOs build teams that generate multi-millions in revenue and profits. It's not magic. It's a step-by-step process customized to your people and your business. 


Athena: A Group for Women Business Owners

Grow revenue and profits with new strategies for monetizing and marketing your products and services

Can you imagine your business operating at a whole new level of success? If you believe there is unlocked potential in your business or organization, the Athena experience is for you. How do some business owners become go-to brands with marquis clients? How do successful women business owners optimize and monetize their time?  Join us for the best business training you've ever experienced using a format designed for smart, busy women with high-potential businesses.


What clients are saying

"When it's time to sell, either you have what the market wants or you don't. Either you go quickly at an attractive price or you struggle. A good company can be sold in a bad market and a poorly positioned company will struggle even in a good market. The companies that are talking to Barbara are fighting the right battle."

Peter Morgan

Managing Partner - The Spartan Group Investment Banking

"I am accomplishing so much since we started working together. I want to reposition my business and I am finally taking the steps to do that. Every time we meet I’m another step towards my goal. Barbara's broad business experience is tremendously valuable. She's way more helpful than an industry coach. "

Cathy Curtis

CEO - Curtis Financial


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