3 HR Trends That Will Transform Your Organization In 2019

blog Feb 09, 2019

You can't afford NOT to read this. Once you do, call your team together and decide what you're going to do about it.

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Are you thinking about these three things?

  1. You are actively pursuing a more diverse workforce but you are probably not ready to lead it.
  2. HR (hiring, retaining and engaging talent) is as important as Marketing in defining your brand.
  3. The half-life of skills is rapidly shrinking. Therefore, you need to shift to more flexible work modes right away.

You weren't thinking about these three? Then, please read Zoe Harte's, very prescient advice. Zoe is Sr. VP HR at Upwork, and her wake up call is bang on the money. Zoe is seeing workforce trends that are not right around the corner, they're already here. If you're not seeing what she's seeing, heads up! Don't be swimming upstream with your team a year from now. Read it. Share it. Make a plan.



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