3 Ways to Quick Start Your Employer Brand

blog Nov 22, 2015

There's no more powerful recruiting tool than a magnetic employer brand. It's a game changer. Without an attractive employer brand, you're in a buyers market. Your recruits hold the power. All you hold is an empty job req.

However, when the employer brand is compelling to job seekers (think Google, Zappos, or Budget Dumpster (very cool little company in Cleveland!), the roles switch and voila! You, and your req are once again in the drivers seat.

Here are the 3 most important things you can do right now to build your employer brand magnetism. 

1. Employee engagement videos. Let your happy staff sell your company for you. Have your happy staff film each other talking about why they love their job. Feature these employee shorts on your website, your LinkedIn company page,  your company Facebook page, and your company's YouTube Channel.

2. Revamp your website and online presence. For a while during the recession, websites didn't matter that much. For many companies, they served as a more detailed business card. Not so now. Every potential recruit is heading straight for you website. If it looks "old school" millennials will say "meah". If it's personalized and mobile, they'll hit "Apply".

3. Go mobile. Your website MUST be mobile ready but that's not all. Today's recruits want to find your company, your job descriptions and and your online application via their phone. And they'd be happy to have a Skype interview on their phone or tablet. And you can text them their acceptance and let them pick up and sign their contract via phone as well.

Of course, all of the above assume your company really is a great place to work. If you're not sure -- ask. Use a third party interviewer, do some focus groups, send out a survey. Find out what they like and what they'd love to change.  If things need to change, there's no time like right this minute to make your company a talent magnet.

Barbara Shannon is a CEO coach and advisor to mid-market businesses. Her CEO peer groups, TheCEOBoard and ATHENA - The Peer Group for Exceptional Women Solopreneurs, provide high-performance direction, coaching and networking to a select collective of exceptional Bay Area business leaders. Barbara is a seeker of CEO clients who pair a holistic view of business, community, and family with a persistent drive for personal and professional growth.
If you're curious about Barbara's CEO groups or would like to inquire regarding elite private client service, please email [email protected]
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