5 Views on the Future of Compensation

blog Jun 16, 2018

"Incentives, side perks, not base pay, are the lead drivers of long-term success in hiring"

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 5 Views on the Future of Compensation

This is not your grandmother's comp program! Incentives and side perks, not base pay, are now the lead drivers of long-term success in hiring. Is universal basic income around the corner? Today's workforce still wants money but it's the non-salary perks that are the real differentiators. It's time to get smart about comp! Get with the program here!


The Future of Operations - The Next Big Shift

"Operations will cease to be delivered by humans." This little Deloitte video goes hard core in a nutshell. Here's what's starting to happen inside companies big and small.. Watch!


Happy Father's Day!

"My dad raised us off the grid." Ryan Holmes, CEO and founder of Hootesuite, went on to build a 1000 person company. Back in the day he grew up on a farm with goats, chickens, and bees and no running water or electricity. So when he won an Apple 2C computer in a school coding contest where did he plug it in?



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