Hire Much Faster, Much Better - Especially Women

blog Jun 02, 2018

"Ready to reboot your recruiting women strategy? Here's where to start. Plus, what NOT to say when asked about your strategy for hiring and retaining women leaders." 

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 Slow to Hire / Quick to Fire Why this is a bad strategy.

Slow to hire, has never been a good idea. In fact, this may be one of the dumbest business platitudes ever. According to hiring expert Scott Wintrip, "An open seat is like and open wound". When the team is down even one key resource everyone suffers, productivity lags, stress rises and morale tanks. Talent gaps suck! When you need to hire, you need to do it fast and these days you need a recruiting approach that's aggressive, creative, consistent and persistent. Scott Wintrip explain's his Top 3 strategies for faster, better hiring.

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Topic: Hiring and retaining women - Here's what NOT to say when asked about your strategy for hiring and retaining women leaders. If you're not proud of your approach to recruiting women leaders, now would be a good time to think different, make a plan and take action.

Want to test your RWQ - Recruiting Women Quotient? Watch this typical CEO response and see if you can name at least 3 things that are wrong with his story, tone and approach.

Ready to reboot your recruiting women strategy? Here are three places to start:

Recruiting Women Leaders: What Women Need Infographic

How to Attract Women Leaders 101

What Women Leaders Really Want: Show Me!


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