How to Recruit Women Leaders

blog Jun 09, 2018

"Barbara, I would like your view on a question – what actions can be taken to specifically improve recruiting women?"

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 How to Recruit Women Leaders - Join the discussion!

Last week we looked at how to get women into leadership positions in your business.

In response, I received lots of questions about not just promoting but also recruiting women. Here's one from my friend and ex-Deloitte colleague, Kevin Klas...

"Barbara, I would like your view on a question – what actions can be taken to specifically improve recruiting women? When I was building a team a few years ago at Hess. I re-read every resume I could recognize as a woman, minority or veteran. I did this because the team was white men and the resumes included diverse candidates that were sourced different ways including from HR, recruiting firms, referrals and my network." Kevin goes on to note that "since human nature is ‘birds of a feather flock together’, I am thinking you may have some additional ideas on how to shape the recruiting results to achieve a more diverse candidate pool."

Since so many of you are grappling with this challenge, let's pool our best ideas along with these best practices. To see 7 Powerful Ways to Recruit Women Leaders and contribute to the conversation go here!


Spoiler alert! There is no Cloud. The not-alternative fact about running massive data centers is that they depend not at all on puffy white ether, but rather on acres and acres of servers that require massive amounts of energy. Microsoft has a better idea. They just put a data center underwater off the coast of Scotland! Very cool! For most efficient viewing start at 1:50.


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