How to Run an Effective Board Meeting

blog Aug 04, 2018

"How effective are your board meetings?  

Are your board members rockstars or are you just getting through it?"

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How effective are your board meetings?

A. All our board members are rock stars and the meetings are so much fun!

B. We get through it.

C. Just shoot me now.

If you answered B or C, you need this? Here you go...

How to Run an Effective Board Meeting


The amazing high achieving sister trifecta!

How Anne and Susan Wojcicki's parents raised the founder of 23andMe, a college professor, and the CEO of YouTube


Trump's Big Oil Gamble and Why it Matters Tremendously

If you've been expecting a stock market crash or the next recession, this could be why.

The narrow point of the Strait of Hormuz, largely controlled by Iran, is only 21 miles wide. One-fifth of the world's oil passes through it.

"The prospect of losing several hundred thousand barrels a day (b/d) of Iranian oil exports would not have mattered much a year ago. It certainly matters now." Will we be dependent on Russia for oil? Get the details.

Plus this...Risks at The Four Key Choke Points for Oil

 Not to be Chicken Little, but this...The other three oil choke points are also at risk.



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