The Rise of the Social Enterprise: A New Paradigm for Business

blog Apr 07, 2018

"Josh Bersin, cited as one of the world's top ten researcher/analysts on talent, has the inside scoop on the future of work."

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The Rise of the Social Enterprise: A New Paradigm for Business

Josh Bersin has the inside scoop on the future of work. Really he does. This is the second time we've featured Josh's work and it won't be the last. I'm a huge fan and follower since well before he was annexed by Deloitte and became known as "Bersin by Deloitte". And it's not just me. Josh is consistently cited as one of the world's top ten researcher/analysts on talent, HR and workplace trends.

Heads up! This article is bigger than a breadbox and YES you WANT to read this. Benjamin Franklin said it, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!". Josh says it in his last paragraph, "In the short run, you can make lots of decisions that optimize revenue, profits, and growth. But over time, as your business grows and the influence of society impacts you more, you will run into the pressures of “being social” and we believe it’s better to understand this issue earlier rather than later." So get with the program! Take a moment. Take your time for once, and Read On.

Now, as you prepare for the social tsunami, here are some questions to consider:

  • The workforce eco-system - Contingent, gig, and crowd-based workers. Is this good news or bad news to you?
  • Careers, Skills and Hope - Upward path career models have turned out to be limiting. How can you offer models that give people hope, new skills and continuous development in areas the company needs?
  • People, Privacy and Data Collection - How will you keep worker information "safe" when all this data we are collecting can predict and recommend actions that might be biased, single-minded, or ultimately just dangerous?
  • Society's Mirror - CEOs and business leaders need to take a stronger position on their responsible role in society. This is confusing. What will you do when a stance is required and it can no longer be avoided?
  • The hyperconnected work environment - How do you and your team stay productive amidst the overwhelm? See how Spotify does it in our Watch article below!
  • Artificial Intelligence - We are in the first inning of a lot of job and organizational redesign driven by automation and Artificial Intelligence. AI is completely dependent on data. What are you doing to ensure that your data is high quality, real-time and accurate?
  • Sound minds and bodies - If you are not building an organization that helps people stay healthy and happy you are not fulfilling your responsibility as an employer, and that impacts your customer brand. What do your people need to help them feel better, think better, be better?
  • New Rewards: Personalized, Agile and Holistic - One of the world's largest payroll providers stated recently that they see a trend toward "instant pay" - people getting paid every day for the work they did that day. Is this a conceivable option for your company?
  • Work in an era of 100 year lives - We are living longer, we are working longer, yet all our talent models, pay practices and cultural values have not yet adapted to the change. Are you old? Is old a good thing or a bad thing in your business?
  • The symphonic C-Suite - Siloed functions even at the top are out. Teams leading teams are the way forward. If you want to see a phenomenal example of a leadership symphony at work, Watch how Spotify earned that $30 billion valuation!

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Spotify opens their kimono! This is an Academy Award worthy, full frontal exposure of how culture eats strategy for breakfast. If you're trying to figure out how to get your leaders to make better decisions, or enable your teams to be high producers in a complex environment, or if you're just curious about how to go about building $30 billion worth of value, this is a good place to start.

The Spotify Culture Transformation Story may be the best example out there of how to succeed as a social enterprise.


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