When Work Takes Over Your Life

blog May 19, 2018

"Meet Chris Voss. He spent 24 years as an FBI hostage negotiator. He mastered the art of setting limits with people who made extreme demands."

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What's your business Strategy?

Running a business can all-consuming. But just because you have a to-do list that's longer than War and Peace, it doesn't mean you can afford to skip the important step of creating a growth strategy. Here's a thorough, yet simple, step-by-step approach to ensure you're covering the strategy planning essentials:

How to Plan an Effective Small Business Growth Strategy


Making the hard choices -- the things we most fear doing, asking, saying -- are very often the things we need to do. How can we overcome self-paralysis and take action? Tim Ferris: The Value of Fear Setting versus Goal Setting

"The goal isn't to be fearless. The goal is to fear less." - Tim Ferris

Watch Tim's new TV Show, Fear (less)! featuring unique guests including Founders, CEOs. Coaches, Athletes, Comedians, Fashion Icons, Magicians, Grammy and Emmy winners.


When Work Takes Over Your Life

Do you love to work? I'm with ya! So what do we do with everyone who tells us we work too much? Are they right?

Here's the out-of-the-closet truth about my relationship with work... I love it! I love going to sleep pondering a work question and waking up in the morning with a new idea. I love getting in the shower-idea flow zone. I like pushing past my grouchy resistance and discovering that my to-do list wasn't that hard after all. I love spending hours figuring out a better way, finishing things, creating things and seeing progress. Sure, there are lots of times when work is hard, frustrating and exhausting. Yet, even when work is awful, I'm grateful to have work to do. Is this you? So what's wrong with us??? !! Maybe nothing...and maybe we could use some new ideas about how to be better workaholics.

Get your happy (or not so happy) workaholic self to Adam Grant's When Work Takes Over Your Life.

Here's What's Inside!

1. Opening drama: Arianna Huffington's tale of waking up in a pool of blood

2. Jason Fried, CEO at Basecamp, shares his huge time-saving strategy that every two year old knows but you have forgotten. Hint: "NO!". (Mid-way in the article)

"Basecamp has been profitable every year since they launched in 2004 and Jason works 40-hour weeks."

3. Facing off against employees with extreme demands? Chris Voss has three tactics for negotiating under deep pressure. (End of article)

"Meet Chris Voss. He spent 24 years as an FBI hostage negotiator. He mastered the art of setting limits with people who made extreme demands."



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