Are You a Quiet Leader?

blog Oct 04, 2015

That's a good thing.  Quiet leaders are quite often better leaders. 

Typical leaders, the ones we pay most attention to, have a big challenge wired into their DNA. Yes, they are forceful drivers and doers. They are deciders. They have opinions and are not afraid to share them. They get stuff done. All good right? So what's their challenge? 

Typical leaders can lose sight of the forest (vision) for the trees (ego). You on the other hand are unlikely to fall in love with leadership for leadership's sake. The loud leader takes pride in being a leader which can breed over-confidence, a push for too much change too fast and failure to heed feedback. The quiet leader listens more that talks. Takes time to get their ducks in a row, uses timing to their advantage and actively seeks input from others.

If you think you might be more of a quiet leader, ask yourself, what kinds of situations prompt you to take a leadership role. What makes a leadership opportunity compelling for you? It's likely something that matters a lot to you. It's likely that your "something" matters a great deal more than what role you play in it's accomplishment.

When you pick up the leadership gauntlet, others want to know  why. They'll say, "Why did you decide to take this on?" You'll have their ear. That's as good a start as any leader could hope to have.

So take the leadership leap, when you hear the calling.  The best way to grow the leader in you is to be one - your way.

Barbara Shannon is the President of TSG The Shannon Group, a management consulting and executive guidance company helping business leaders grow great companies. Barbara also Chairs a CEO1 the success hub for today's CEOs. Connect with Barbara in your comments or on twitter:1barbarashannon