Two Most Common Mistakes of Business Owners and CEOs

blog May 12, 2018

"Barbara Shannon, CEO Coach, shares the two most common mistakes of business owners and CEOs"

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Yep. 2018 is the year to trump the tax man.

Spend some to make some! Mid-market CEOs go here. It's what you keep that counts. Small business owners go here.

BUT...the trickle-down effect seems to be stuck and it's not just the buy backs. Quelle Surprise!


Barbara Talks...The two most common mistakes of Business Owners and CEOs.


 If you knew that changing just one thing could change everything for the better, would you do it?

There really is one small but mighty habit that will make you more productive, more focused, more energized and yes, more successful. Guessed yet? Tim Ferris did his homework and has the data. Get it here.



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