PepsiCo and Aetna CEOs: How Millennials Changed the Role of the CEO

blog Oct 01, 2017


Know, Watch, Ponder

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

Captain Jack Sparrow





REALLY BIG STUFF - That's what's on the slate of decisions before the Supreme Court just back and ready to go. The show starts with a bang tomorrow, 10/2. Will class action lawsuits become a thing of the past? Is gerrymandering OK or not OK? Is it a Muslim ban or just a travel ban after all? Can we speak freely at work or is that discrimination? If you haven't voted in a while should your name be purged from voter registration lists? Here's a nice neat at-a-glance view of the lineup. Your Supreme Court Case Graphic.


Bruce Springstein and Bryan Adams took down the house last night at the Invictus Games

HBR says we can do that! Leadership retreat in New York with The Boss? Who's in? Bruce Springsteen: Artful Leadership and What Rock Star Bosses Do


PepsiCo and Aetna CEOs: How Millennials Changed the Role of the CEO

I've always loved Pepsico's Indra Nooyi but when she says "We had to weave purpose into the core business model of the company..." I'm thinking duh! Isn't this the FIRST thing we do when we start a company? Isn't the business purpose baked in from the start? But when Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini say's "We run social eco-systems...our people today look for people, planet and then profits." and "We have a responsibility to have a point of view beyond our four walls.." I'm thinking, If an insurance company CEO is thinking this way, the train has left the station. I expect to hear from you insurance folks about how ahead of the curve the industry's always been on community involvement but this feels bigger. What Bertolini's saying is bigger. Every CEO in all sectors large and small needs to get with this program. We're not in Kansas or in 1999 anymore. What is your BIG WHY? Is it big enough? Think about it!


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