Productivity Tips For People Who Hate Productivity Tips

blog Jan 01, 2018


Know, Watch, Ponder

"If your dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, then pick up one piece and begin again."

Flavia Weedn


"Traditional approaches to staying focused don't work for me." I hear this one a lot. That's because many CEOs are cowgirls and cowboys who have an idea a minute. A lot of us HATE structure. If we like structure, we like it best when we create it. We're rebels with a cause and suspect of others' "good ideas". This is part of what makes CEOs the coolest crowd in town. And it's also a heck of a coaching problem. I say, "try X". You say, "I don't think so." And around we go. Spreadsheets, planners, calendars, some folks live by them. And some don't. What to do? Since CEOs spend a huge percentage of time working, the most important thing is to enjoy the process. Here are useful ideas for non-conforming CEOs facing a productivity challenge.

Productivity Tips For People Who Hate Productivity Tips

What's Inside!

  1. Focus on the quality and flow of your work experience
  2. Keep boredom at bay by switching up where and how you work
  3. Use different mediums: paper, voice recognition, white board
  4. Know what time of day is best for certain kinds of work
  5. Find the small things and little steps that meaningfully move your work forward
  6. Break it up: Take a walk, eat something, stretch, but don't go down an internet rabbit hole!
  7. Frame tedious tasks in terms of their importance to larger goals and values
  8. Don't beat yourself up for losing focus. Stay calm and carry on. 


How to create Community: A group of people with mutual concern for one another

The Art of Community Author, Charles Vogl is our guest at THECEOBOARD Speaker Series on January 23rd

I just read Vogl's book, The Art of Community. It's groundbreaking. It appears we're the loneliest generation in American history. Charles shares his personal story along with specific building blocks on how to create a culture of belonging to attract and retain critical talent. The Art of Community is essential reading for business leaders and anyone seeking to bring great people together with a mutual concern for one another's well being.

Charles Vogl Talks at Google


Squiggle Birds

Draw a Squiggle Bird 

OK - I know this is silly, but it's fun and a super simple way to get business people to feel their creativity. Try it!


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