Agile Organization Models are Going Mainstream

blog Jan 21, 2018


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Agile Organizations

If you don't know Josh Bersin, and you care about your people, SHOULD get to know Josh and his work and Bersin by Deloitte. Here's his latest:

"The enormous topic of “agile organization design” will start to become more common in 2018. Some companies started thinking about “self-organizing teams” three years ago. Zappos talked about “holacracy” and its efforts to do away with management, while ING Bank in the Netherlands looked at the potential to apply the disciplines of agile across its business."

Bersin Predictions for 2018: Agile Organization Models are Going Mainstream

The idea of an agile organization has arrived. Bersin by Deloitte’s latest research shows that we'd better get to “redesigning our organization to be more digital and responsive” as this is now the #1 human capital trend around the world (59 percent of companies rate this as “urgent”).

Companies are now embracing this digitized agile model with real results. So what’s going on?

  1. "Becoming Digital" is forcing leaders to redesign their companies 
  2. Networks are in. Hierarchy's are out.
  3. There's a whole new industry of software tools designed to improve productivity.
  4. Do you know what these terms mean? You may want to consider...
        - Networked organization
        - Continuous performance management
        - Digital learning
        - 21st-century careers


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