How this CEO Handles a Workforce of 84% Millennials

blog Nov 05, 2017


Know, Watch, Ponder

"Attitude is a Choice"

Roy Bennett 


How are you handling your Millennials?

How this CEO Handles a Workforce of 84% Millennials

What's Inside!

  • Convince millennials they matter
  • Establish long-term goals
  • Give them the reigns
  • Offer regular opportunities to connect with each other

There's a lot of executable ideas here. And some nuances worth paying attention to. An example and my POV: Give them the reigns - But HOW??? When they're barely out of school and will screw it up if left to their own devices, HOW does one give them the reigns on anything that matters? The too short and too true answer is guidance, mentoring and training. Consistently and in copious amounts. We should have baked these three big levers into standard business practice decades ago. Now the millennial worker is forcing us to get it done. This means hiring leaders who are good at teaching and mentoring. It means re-working business models and culture to allow time for hands-on guidance. It means apprenticeship programs and doubling up on check-ins in order to iterate away from errors and towards best practices. Many companies today need to rethink how they manage this workforce. How about you? Have you done your Millennial homework? Start Here.



Hard Work Beats Talent

I bet some folks won't like this video. And I bet most of you will love it. Why? Because being a CEO is hard, and you're still here. Sometimes the hardest thing we do is work one more hour, keep our minds in the game for one more minute or try one more thing. The difference between entrepreneurs who make it and those who don't is sometimes just one day. The day everyone else on the field threw in the towel and the winners decided to stick it out. Leading our own gig is hard. Leading a gig to top-of-class is really, really hard. Want motivation? Click HERE.


The Skinny on CEO Productivity...very skinny

10 CEO To Do List Hacks

How do you keep your eye on the important stuff? Fess your email your to do list? No worries! You're not alone. Lots of CEOs do this. Read on to learn what else they do.

Hint...She who has the fewest words wins. Quick Check Here


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