Five Characteristics of an Undisruptable CEO

blog Jan 07, 2018


Know, Watch, Ponder

"What worries you masters you."

John Locke 


This is a great glimpse into the heads and hearts of CEOs leading companies that stay ahead of their peers. With a caveat (see below).

Five Characteristics of an Undisruptable CEO

What's Inside!

  1. Be Ambidextrous - definitely NOT the same as multi-tasking. This is about embedding experimentation right alongside the day-to-day, reliable, profit-making work.
  2. Seek and create risk, fear, and failure. Spoiler surprise, this can be learned.
  3. Have a beginners mind. The smartest guy in the room looses. Seek first to understand. Always be curious.
  4. Follow your customers to the next big thing. Find the pattern that will become the trend, need or demand of the future and don't be afraid to remake your business model to serve it. Then do it again.
  5. The CEO jazz band leader is hot. The orchestra leader is not.

Caveat and Bonus: This article by Deloitte is thoroughly researched and well articulated. But...WHERE IS THE WOMAN'S POV? All the contributors are men. Yuck. We expect mo' betta' from this firm that's pioneered women on top in consulting and is led by the extraordinary Cathy Engelbert.

Cathy Engelbert: How I decided to stay at Deloitte after my first pregnancy



It's never too late and you're never too old if you never give up.

Ever notice that we tend to achieve what we focus on deeply...eventually...if we don't give up? FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS! Stay the course! You WILL get there!

Remember Jack Canfield, the old guy who wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul and made a fortune because he persisted with his scrappy, grassroots marketing campaign for years back in 1993? Do what he says. He's very friendly and his 4 steps that really are the critical keys to making dreams come true. I do these things. Steve Jobs did these things. Most people who manifest their dreams do what Jack says. It works. And guess what? Even Einstein followed Jack. He could do this because he mastered time and space ;) I don't own a TV and don't watch much (OK any) entertainment. But during 14 hours of flying back from Italy, I found Genius (Einstein's TV story) and discovered a guy with a huge dream that he dreamt every day well into adulthood until his theory of relativity finally appeared. Now I'm reading Genius, Einstein's biography by Walter Isaacson. Can't recommend this enough! Just do it.

You're Never Too Old to Become a Millionaire


Einstein - Genius (TV series for purchase or Listen and Read)


Finding Community: A Dining Hall for Grown Ups

Hall is a new way to find community, camaraderie and healthy eats right where you live...if you live in Boston that is. Next stop Bay Area?


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