How to Get the Right People on the Bus

blog Nov 15, 2015

If you're a CEO, finding the right people is your most important job. Are you giving it the time and attention it deserves? Here's where to focus...

When it comes to recruiting, we are NOT in Kansas anymore :(   In Kansas people who were looking for work were looking to feed their family and pay their bills. They sent out resumes to companies and recruiters, filled out job applications and hoped to be hired by a nice boss at a stable company doing work with nice people that wasn't too boring.

That movie was so long ago thinking about it qualifies as a senior moment.

Onward to the present: The best people are already well employed. They are paying off six figure education loans along with the mortgage. They sometimes go online and look for opportunities. They chat with their friends about job openings and check out potential employers on Glass Door. They're looking for a boss that cares about people, offers a career path and the option to work from home. They want to learn with cool people at a company with a mission to change the world. 

In today's recruiting world, two things matter most.

1. A great place to work - Being a great place to work is table steaks today. It's not optional, and it's not a nice-to-have. To get there focus here:

  • Clarity about what's a priority and why your company's products matter
  • Worker Autonomy so workers can determine how to best deliver results 
  • Growth opportunities to learn, earn and practice new skills

2. Relationships - Recruiting today requires selling, and selling is a numbers game about relationships. The person with the greatest number of high quality relationships wins. To create a pipeline of high value candidates requires a systematic outside/inside approach.

  • Outside: Find, Connect, Hire - Use LinkedIn and networking events to find the right people. Get that pile of business cards into Salesforce and follow up!  Connect with other CEOs. You want to be their first call when they're downsizing.

Secret Sauce - When you find an A Player, hire them. If you don't have the perfect position create it. Find the money.

  • Inside: Employee Referrals - According to the LinkedIn US Recruiting Survey 2016, employee referrals are the single best source of high quality job candidates. Since you're company is a great place to work (see #1), talk to staff about talking up the company to their best and brightest friends. Work with marketing to implement an employee referral program. 
Barbara Shannon is a CEO coach and advisor to mid-market businesses. Her CEO peer groups, TheCEOBoard and ATHENA - The Peer Group for Exceptional Women Solopreneurs, provide high-performance direction, coaching and networking to a select collective of exceptional Bay Area business leaders. Barbara is a seeker of CEO clients who pair a holistic view of business, community, and family with a persistent drive for personal and professional growth.
If you're curious about Barbara's CEO groups or would like to inquire regarding elite private client service, please email [email protected]
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