How to Lead a Group

blog Sep 27, 2015

You've got this! Really :)  Great group leaders do these five things. 

1. STAND for something. Every great group leader stands for something and knows what that something is. Define your "something". Before you step in front of a room or dial in to lead that conference call, take a moment to remind yourself what you stand for. Think about your values, about what matters most in this moment. Think about why you are leading this group. Knowing what you stand for is magnetic. People are drawn to those who've got this!  

2. CONNECT. Connect your group to the best in themselves and each other. Doing this is easy - just ask them a few genuinely caring questions like, "How're you doing? Who's helped you most in the last 48 hours? Who have you helped today? Then share your own answers to these questions. Now you've put yourself in the group instead of above it and you've moved their attention off their fears and onto their strengths. 

3. SHARE THE MAP.  We love road trips to exciting destinations but we hate getting lost. Remind them of where the group is headed and show them how you'll get there together. You don't need to be a cheerleader but you do need to be organized so take the time to explain the plan, even if it's the plan to make the plan. 

4. BEGIN. Don't be always fixin' to get ready. Get going! Nothing kills group morale like loss of momentum so don't over-talk. Set the big picture, then get to work. Talk specifics. Point to the status board where everyone can see progress in the making. What's done? What's next? Launch action with clarity, intention, and momentum.

5. SMILE. Seriously? Well of course! Who wants to follow a grouch? Not you. And not them. Find joy in the baby steps. Laugh! It's you're secret reset button so don't forget to use it. Celebrate! Bring food. Dress up. Wear a hat. Put up a sign. Sticky their office. Make a joke. Make fun of yourself. Make fun of them. Make it fun.

Just do this! Yes you can.

Barbara Shannon is the President of TSG The Shannon Group, a management consulting and executive guidance company helping business leaders grow great companies. Barbara also Chairs a CEO1 the success hub for today's CEOs. Connect with Barbara in your comments or on twitter:1barbarashannon