Lead By Example: How to Stay Positive in Hard Times

blog ceo leadership Nov 17, 2018

How are you leading, even thriving differently in the new normal? What's working? A few tips from your fellow CEOs below.

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Last week I hosted our annual CEO Retreat. In a beautiful Sonoma resort home, amidst the smoke of California burning, we counted our blessings, acknowledged our shortfalls, and had a very real conversation about how to lead and even thrive in the "new normal".

Here are a few tips from your fellow CEOs:

  • Acknowledge reality: shootings, political polarity and catastrophic weather events are now part of life and work.
  • Don't rush to make policy, instead practice being present and listening for what is really needed.
  • Put your company's Core Values front and center. Now is a good time to refresh them if you've not done so in a while.
  • Enable leadership from the ground up and the inside out. Let your team take the lead on how much they can take on.
  • Emphasize the importance of boundaries and balance. It's neither possible nor advisable for everyone to respond to everything.
  • Emphasize flexibility - what works today may not be the best thing tomorrow.
  • Take time to find your personal True North.

How are you leading differently in the new normal? What's working? Reply with your thoughts and we'll share them here next week.


Lead By Example: How to Stay Positive in Hard Times

I thought I'd offer this as a pass-along for your team. After you share it, read it again for you.


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