Talent Talks! 3 Hottest Talent Communication Channels

blog Nov 09, 2015

Last week I talked about The 5 Big Shifts in Talent Management. Here's what to do about Big Shift #1. The Talent Pool is Connected and Talking

Monday 9PM, sent via text "I'm still at the office  <your company name here> SUCKS!" - Saturday 10am, overheard in a coffee shop "How do you like working at <your company name here>?"  Today's Twitter share "<#your company name>=Best Place to Work EVER!" 

That's company gossip and it can't be stopped. We humans like to talk. So how can we make the 24/7 chatter work for us? 

1. Back Up! Create A Talent Network - "It takes forever to fill a position around here!" OK. Got it. Talent is now a long-lead item. Which means we need to start filling the talent pipeline even before we've got an open req. A Talent Network can help. This is an online destination where you post content and engage in conversations about your products, people, successes and challenges. It's also where you post open positions. If you're not quite ready to manage a new webpage, use Facebook or LinkedIn to start the conversation. 

Examples: Small-Elemental LED      Medium-Sodexo     Large-Zappos

Key Success Factor - Know thy talent tribe. Select content, a delivery format and language that match the preferences of the people you want to attract.

2. Talk Back With Video! - Lead the conversation with video. This is effective and shows you're moving with the times. Use video testimonials. Show your team in action. Video a factory tour or a day-in-the-life of a team member to bring your company culture to life online. Share your videos via LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and post them on Facebook as well as on your company website and your talent network page. Get going with video and then go social!

Key Success Factor - Keep it real. A decent and fun iPhone video made by an employee is more credible and more watchable than a scripted production.


3. Make Friends With Glassdoor :)  - Whatever is being said about your company on Glassdoor, you want to be leading that conversation. Now is a good time to invest in an enhanced Glassdoor account. Fill your page with content that speaks to your audience including articles, videos and photos. Encourage employees to post on Glassdoor. They are the credible insiders. 

Key Success Factor - Be a great place to work! 


This post is the second in a 5 part series on The 5 Talent Management BIG SHIFTS.

Barbara Shannon is the President of TSG The Shannon Group, a management consulting and executive guidance company helping business leaders grow great companies. Barbara also Chairs a CEO1 the success hub for today's CEOs. Connect with Barbara in your comments or on twitter:1barbarashannon