Our guest today is Jim Dickie, co-founder and former managing partner of CSO Insights, a sales research company, and independent research fellow at Sales Mastery. 

Jim specializes in understanding how businesses optimize the way they market, sell, and service their products.

Jim identifies the challenges that impact sales performance and benchmarks how companies are solving these issues. 


Jim Dickie Quotable

It makes a difference when you work with sales and the customer to find what their sales problems really are. What's causing those problems? What's the cost of doing nothing? And then help them actually make progress by implementing something that achieves gain or removes pain. I have a never-ending career. It's been fascinating for me and I love it.”

In addition to Jim's deep knowledge of the sales process, his first-hand insight on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) for sales is astonishing.

AI for sales has left the station and a lot of businesses are not on the train!

There is a ton of sales improvement opportunities for smaller companies that you probably don't know.

That's why we've got not one, but two sessions with Jim. 

Time to settle in and catch up. We're in Good Company with Jim Dickie!

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Highlights from The Episode:

  • Jim explains how he got into the industry - 1:41
  • Jim discusses why sales is getting harder - 4:30
  • We talk about the role of the salesperson and AI - 10:36
  • Jim addresses changes that need to be made in sales and marketing - 12:13
  • Jim addresses the CEO’s role in sales - 15:00
  • Barbara asks Jim about gender differences between female and male CEOs - 20:43
  • Jim addresses the millennial work ethic - 22:37

“I think the CEO needs to set a vision, but also needs to start holding the sales department to a higher level of professionalism and effectiveness.”

“So, what's AI good at? It's good at crunching data. It can go back and run all those recorded sales conversations and not be bored and find things we would never have thought about.”

“I think that's really where it's going to be exciting because the data is here today. The hardware is here today. The software is here today. And there are people that have really figured out how to do deals with this stuff and make insights turn into new opportunities that we never thought of before.”