Welcome Nancy!

Nancy Vitale is the co-founder and managing partner at Partners for Wellbeing, a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations build a thriving culture for peak performance.

Prior to Partners for Well-Being, Nancy, was the CHRO at Genentech where she led that biotech giant to recognition as Employer of Choice by Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune Magazine, and Diversity Inc.

Nancy is passionate about helping others be at their best at work. 

Nancy and I discuss the five pillars of well being and what today's most successful companies are doing differently to attract, retain and keep top talent by creating a culture of well-being.



Nancy Vitale Quotable!

“Companies are the most trusted institution in today's world. With that comes a lot of responsibility. ...Employers are expected to provide more today to remain competitive. It's not just a moral obligation, it's a business imperative."

Nancy provides keen insights on the future of work and explicit guidance on how to implement wellness in your business. 

Welcome to our conversation!

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Highlights from The Episode:

  • Nancy shares her work with Gallup around the five pillars of well being - 2:13
  • Nancy talks about a company’s responsibility to relieve employee financial stress - 8:46
  • Providing financial wellbeing to employees cont. -12:08
  • Nancy recounts her time and learnings at Genentech - 13:23
  • Nancy looks ahead to the future of wellness at work - 18:40

"How do organizations clearly articulate their mission and purpose? How do the teams inside organizations clearly articulate the purpose of that team? How do individuals have awareness and understanding of their purpose so they can derive meaning out of what they do?"

"It's not always from the organization that people derive their meaning. It's about the contributions and impact and the learning and growth inside and outside the organization." 

"In today's society there seems to be an erosion of human connection."