My guest today is Jerome Lecat.

CEO of Scality, the recognized leader in specialized data file and object storage.

Whether it’s sensitive health data, financial records, national treasures, video programming, or any high-value digital asset, Scality has a proven track record of ensuring 100% data integrity and 100% data availability. Scality’s excellence was recently recognized for the 5th year in a row as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for digital file systems and data object storage.

Jerome runs his high-tech, engineering-centric company with equal attention on listening to feedback and implementing change in order to gain the benefits of a happy, highly diverse workforce.

“The only way you truly listen is if you're ready to change your mind.”

Jerome Lecat - CEO, Scality

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Highlights from The Episode:

 02:19 – Why freedom is the heart of Scality's business.

08:24- Why being altruistic is synonymous with being a good CEO.

11:01- The important difference between making money and greed

12:36 - The delicate subject of being totally transparent with  your staff

14:11- Jerome's personal passion for diversity.

25:02- Collecting employee feedback every three weeks!

28:33- The heartfelt truth about what has surprised Jerome the most about being a CEO.

“Freedom is connected to responsibility. If you don't have responsible behavior you’re not really free because you're a slave to your emotions. You need a sense of responsibility, and you also need a sense of being in control of your life; being able to make choices. Without choices, there's no freedom”    -Jerome Lecat

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