My guest today is Michael Bush,

CEO of Great Place to Work, the Global Authority on Workplace Culture. Previously, Michael was CEO of Tetra Tech Communications, a billion-dollar global telecommunications infrastructure firm, and a member of President Obama's White House Business Council. 

Great Place to Work makes it easy to survey your employees, uncover actionable insights and get recognized for your great company culture.

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Highlights from Episode 1:
00:54 - Michael straight talks from the top about the “two viruses”, COVID and racism, and why today's leaders must talk about them
2:20 - Michael talks about how employees are navigating the two viruses 
6:41 - Michael explains how the purpose-driven leader can align with the fire that exists in their employees.
9:50 - Barbara has an alternative view of how CEOs should manage differences between their values and those of their employees.
14:31 - Michael shares the one thing that differentiates the purpose-driven leader
17:12 - Michael describes the three different kinds of leaders in the US today
20:06 - Michael explains how CEOs must bridge the divide between two sets of polarizing political views inside their company.
Highlights from Episode 2:


2:11 - The binary corporate response to social injustice. Which one are you?
3:10 - How to bring people together in today's polarized socio/political environment.
5:48 - Are you helping your employees with their financial future? Why this is the new frontier in benefits and should be on every CEO's radar.
6:45 - Michael gives you the words you need in order to talk with your team about creating a safe place at work.
9:50 - Barbara goes off-script and asks Michael a very direct question about his comfort level with talking about racism to CEOs
11:50 - Michael shares his journey, and the risks he's taken, as a leader whose job is to run a successful business and lead the corporate world on caring, diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.
13:47 - Michael is honest about how he lost customers when he started showing companies detailed data about their employees. Plus what the data shows regarding why black employees at tech companies are proud to work for their employers even while observing inequity in pay and promotion.
14:48 - Michael shares the data that reveals the enormous financial upside of women in leadership roles.
16:50 - Michael acknowledges new confidence in his For All niche.
21:40 - We end with the question, "If we go "people first" is there a trade-off in performance?" Michael's got the answer, and the data to back it up.

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“Organizations are here to serve their people and the communities that they live in and can do those two things and make money, too. If you're focused on one stakeholder like the shareholder, you're not purpose-driven. Purpose is much bigger than that.” 

No matter what the workplace looks like in the future, Michael Bush is committed to making it a great place to work for all.