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Rhea Singhal is a woman on a mission to eliminate plastic packaging and utensils from countries that lack the ability to recycle. 

The answer...back yard compostable products. 

Rhea launched her company, Ecoware, when she was just 27 years old. Today Ecoware is not only the first but also the largest sustainable packaging company in India and is rapidly extending its product lines worldwide.

Our conversation is a crash course in what can happen when you're profoundly connected to your WHY. It's also an enlightened opening into why purpose positive companies are so hard to compete with. They are led by indomitable forces like Rhea on a personal mission to make an impact. 

Rhea is clear about her WHY. Have you been thinking about reducing your plastic usage at home and in your business?

Now is your moment and this is your episode.

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Episode Essentials

1:44 – Rhea explains, in depth, why plastic is not safe for us.

5:10 – Rhea shares what is in Ecoware’s products and how it is environmentally friendly.

13:02 – Rhea walks us through how at 27 years old, she persevered to set up her business.

14:40 – Rhea encourages anyone and everyone to use your business as a platform for change, as she did.

15:39 – Rhea explains why having a consistent policy that is enforced is important.

16:50 – Rhea voices her concerns on climate change and urges people to start making a change to better the world.

18:31 – Barbara asks Rhea what we will be seeing from her this year.

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