Van Ton-Quinlivan is the CEO of Futuro Health. She is a nationally recognized visionary, strategist and practitioner in workforce development. Van was a White House Champion of Change under the Obama Administration, Executive Vice Chancellor for Workforce and Digital futures at California Community Colleges (the largest educational system in the nation), and Executive in Residence at The Institute for the Future.

Van is the definition of a purpose-driven change maker, and we are honored to have her as our guest.


Van Ton-Quinlivan Quotable

“There’s a movement now to hire --  less based on degrees -- but more based on demonstrated competencies and portfolios.”


Settle in for an informative and inspiring session on the future of work with Van Ton Quinlivan in this episode of the Good Company Podcast.

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Highlights from The Episode:

  • Van tells of her journey to the U.S. during the Vietnam War- 2:02
  • Van describes the moment she calls “her fall from grace” – 6:02
  • Van’s ‘Fish Story’ - 8:03
  • Van discusses the new strategies for finding talent  - 10:50
  • Van shares about getting plugged in with points-of-contact - 14:58
  • How Van supercharged her business’ growth - 16:37

“I said, let me show the company how to do this better. We can create a quality, diverse and reliable talent pool. But we're going to do it by leveraging the public infrastructures out there.” 

“This program actually single handedly diversified the frontline workforce of the company.”

“What we were able to do, is focus on doing what matters for jobs and the economy by focusing investment on the industry sectors that drive our regional economies.”

“You’ll get the diversity and the quality by leveraging the public institutions that are around you.”

“We began putting in place a workforce development program...because there's nothing better than a reliable talent pool and nothing harder to find.”